Home Is Where the Heart Is

Four years ago, Independence Bank set out on a mission to build a Habitat home in the eight counties we serve over an eight year period.  On Monday, July 8th, employees along with community directors, Habitat officials and the Ezell family broke ground on the fourth of eight homes.  The commitment that we have for all of our communities is something that comes so natural to each and every employee at the Bank.  We are always ready to help a neighbor or a complete stranger.  It’s just the way we do things.  To us, it’s not about the recognition, it’s about making an impact in the communities we serve.  We don’t claim to be master carpenters, but that hasn’t stopped our employees from donating over 1,300 hours on our previous three builds.

The Ezell family is no stranger to Habitat for Humanity.  Brandy along with her two children have been very involved in the process and they are anxious to start construction.  It’s through organizations like Habitat for Humanity that allows Independence Bank the unique opportunity to make an impact in the communities we call home.  The Habitat build is always one of my favorite projects throughout the year and I look forward to the day when we get to hand over the keys to the new homeowner.  The smiles on their faces let me know that we’ve made a difference!  Even though we broke ground only a few short days ago, we can already see the vision of house number four becoming a reality for the Ezell family. 


To view the construction progress online, visit www.facebook.com/independencebank

Post by Chris Reid at July 19th, 2012

Mind Your Manners

Mind Your Manners

Manners are something we are taught at a very young age and it’s something that is carried with us throughout life.  Although often as simple as your mother reminding you to say “Please” and “Thank You,” in the business world, it is also very important that we always practice good manners.

Some good business manners I follow are:

  • Always be polite to everyone – especially to your customers
  • Always use proper salutations and be respectful
  • Always return phone calls and emails promptly
  • Never raise your voice or use foul language
  • Always respect your customer’s privacy, in our business it’s the law
  • Always remember and use those magic words – PLEASE and THANK YOU!

On October 1st, Independence Bank will host a FREE concert featuring Martina McBride and Jack Ingram at our newest signature location – Liberty Square in Henderson, Kentucky.  Let me explain why we are doing this.

This concert isn’t about showing off a new building or bringing attention to ourselves, this is a “Thank You” to our customers and communities.  We are very grateful for the many wonderful things the community of Henderson has bestowed upon the Independence Bank family and we want to return that back to the community.  With times as they are, it seems appropriate to host a FREE community event that can take our minds and spirits away from these tough times.  We can all come together and share a special moment such as this one that might help encourage us all to see tomorrow a little brighter.  That is what this is all about.

In 2011, we directed the vast majority of our efforts to those in the greatest need: the hungry, the homeless, the children and those lacking true essential needs.  In addition, we have led our communities in scholarships, built and funded Habitat for Humanity homes, raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society and contributed heavily to economic development.  We work very hard to be the best corporate citizen in our seven communities.

This concert is simply a THANK YOU!  For without customer support and community patronage, every community endeavor that we set out to do would not be possible.  YOU help make that possible and make a difference in the communities we serve each year.

From the bottom of my heart, I say THANK YOU and invite you to come celebrate with the entire Independence Bank family on October 1st.  For more information about the FREE concert, visit: www.soundsofindependence.com

Post by Chris Reid at August 25th, 2011

Follow Our Revolution

It’s official! Independence Bank is now playing in the social media arena. We have taken our time, educated ourselves, put our toe in the water and now we are ready to dive in! Our official Facebook page and Twitter profile have been launched and we are already receiving some great feedback.  

This is the place where you can see what our revolution in banking is all about. Now, instead of us just telling you, we can SHOW you what a true community bank really does for its community. It also gives us a place to create a virtual scrapbook of our family business for all of our Bank family to see. It helps to keep all of our communities connected and lets us share our “big picture” with our fans and followers.   

I believe that these social media channels are the next step in executing our mission statement of providing Everyday Excellence. They will give us an avenue to set an example and shape a better future for our children and grandchildren. It will allow us to be a leader in our communities and continue to set the standard for community banks everywhere. It also opens an instant communication channel so that we may serve you even better.

Social media is about engagement and I hope that you will engage with us too. You can help shape your community by speaking up and letting us know what you would “like” for us to continue to do and tell us about opportunities close to you. We want our social media profiles to become a resource to you and our communities so that we can all work together to build better communication as neighbors and family.

So how can you get involved and follow IB’s revolution?

   Click here to like us on Facebook

   Click here to follow us on Twitter

You can also receive this blog in your e-mail by clicking on the  under the picture to the right.

E-mail Updates are a good alternative to follow the revolution without a Facebook or Twitter account. This E-mail list is managed internally and IB does not share anyone’s info with any other third parties. To sign up, go to 1776bank.com and click on .

Watch for more ways that the Independence Bank family is out there and involved in your community!

Post by Chris Reid at August 11th, 2011

Building Family, Building Homes

Independence Bank has made a commitment to our communities to build seven Habitat for Humanity homes in the seven counties we serve over seven years. We have also taken on the goal this year to meet the basic needs in our communities this year especially as so many are experiencing hard times. We are now right in the middle of not only a record-breaking heat wave, but also in the middle of our third Habitat home in Providence. 

This commitment to our communities is not for the recognition that we may receive. It’s not so that we can hang another plaque on our wall. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s about rolling up our sleeves and digging in to build a home for a family in one of our communities.

Over the years, I have come to find that by allowing IB employees to go out and volunteer to construct these homes with other employees they may not work with on a regular basis, they not only build a home, but also a better relationship among our Bank family. This creates a win-win situation in my eyes. Not only do we get to give to a family, but we become a stronger one and that’s what family is all about.

Habitat for Humanity has given Independence Bank a great opportunity to step outside the walls of the Bank and give back to our communities. This is truly the project that I look forward to the most each year. I would like to take a minute to give recognition where it is due as well. Over 115 employees, directors and shareholders have stepped up to contribute their time and skills and even financially to make this happen for the third family in three years.      

Well, we are not quite finished on the home in Webster County, but you can take a peek at the progress so far on our Facebook page.

Something else to remember: Houses are built with tools and sweat… Homes are built with families and love.

Post by Chris Reid at July 28th, 2011

A True Appreciation

“Customer Service is our number one priority.

No amount of additional service charges; No amount of cost cutting;

No amount of interest margin gain will ever reap the financial rewards

that superior customer service will benefit our bank.”

-Charles J. Reid, Vice President Market Development

Providing great customer service is Independence Bank’s #1 priority. We are here for one reason – to make our customer’s financial life better. We do this by providing extraordinary customer service and innovative products and services to meet their financial needs.

Our goal is not only to have “satisfied” customers, but to EXCEED THEIR EXPECTATIONS and provide CONSISTENT, EXTRAORDINARY customer service so that they will be Independence Bank customers for LIFE. We understand the value of our customers and do not take that for granted.  This is why each of our locations like to devote a day as “Customer Appreciation Day,” to show our customers how much they are appreciated. It’s just a small way for us to say thank you and have a little fun doing it.

 McLean County


   Daviess County


Warren County

McCracken County

   Hancock County

Post by Chris Reid at July 15th, 2011